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I like to spend my time giving back with organizations that focus on mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. I have supported after school programs that focus on entrepreneurial and global initiatives in local primary schools. I recently extended my mentoring to include students at Case Western Reserve University.

Women Leaders Are Human Too

When it comes to balancing work and life, leaders of countries are in a difficult predicament. Sure, they need to show themselves as professional and put together, but they also deserve to have a life outside of the office. Because running an entire country is not easy, world leaders probably need leisure time even more than the average person. And do those who elect these politicians have the right to say how they spend their free time? Fight For Your Right to Party One notable prime minister has gotten herself into a bit of hot water lately for playing a little too much, but is it fair to say that [...]

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Gen Z Makes Waves

Clearly the labor market is still upended. The chaos and disarray that started in the pandemic lockdown has not yet gone back to business as usual, and there are many categorical reasons for this. There is definitely a lack of workers and a different attitude about work permeating the air lately. Some people who got a taste of remote work in the pandemic want more of it, and other workers are seeking a better work/life balance.  These changes have certainly turned “business as usual” to “catch as catch can,” and many customers are feeling the ramifications of that. Where Have All the Capitalists Gone? For Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, [...]

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Batten Down the Hatches

After 2.5 years of economic chaos, it’s no surprise that the future is a bit murky at best. Having lived through Covid-19, a worldwide shutdown, supply chain unrest, a war in the grain capital of the world, outlandish natural gas prices, and even Monkeypox, it’s safe to say that at this point anything can happen next. Now imagine you were a teen, who has spent some of your formative years hearing all these negative economic milestones on an endless loop. Although you might think your teens are not listening, it is time to set them up for success when it comes to the economy. As the father of a 14-year-old [...]

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Sailing Through Rough Seas: Deflated Economy Still Offers Corporate Wins

Watching the economy the past few years is like watching a tiny boat on the high seas. Some days the sailing is easy, and some days the waves crest over the boat. From a total global shutdown to a booming housing market to the endless trouble of the supply chain, no one knows if the next crashing wave will capsize the boat or not. For American consumers and business owners, it's all hands on deck to ensure that the boat can adapt to the tumultuous seas. Rough Waters Watching the economy for the last two years has been like riding the wild ocean waves. First, the pandemic shut down the [...]

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Should Your Health Be Prime?

It’s one thing to have a company know what type of movies you like, your spending habits, or how many times you ask Alexa a question each day. But it is quite another thing to have a larger-than-life company involved in your daily health decisions or to have your vital health data on hand in your profile. This week Amazon is making a move to cement their hold on the healthcare industry by purchasing One Medical, and not everyone is happy about it. […]

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Flying the Unfriendly Skies

If you have flown anywhere in the past several months, you already know firsthand that the world of air travel is in chaos. From canceled flights to passengers sleeping for days on airport floors, the entire travel industry has had trouble recovering from the travel bans of Covid-19. And now that the summer traveling rush is upon us, the industry cannot rebuild itself with any sense of haste, leaving passengers stranded and an airline industry. […]

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Swirling Seas of House Buying

In the whirlwind of uncertainty over the past two years, perhaps nothing has been more dramatically turbulent than the housing market. With most houses selling rapidly and far over the asking price, waived appraisals and inspections, and cash offers never before seen, the fast-paced environment definitely favored the sellers. But the fear of inflation and the rising interest rates have the market cooling off, and no one is quite sure where the market will end up. Rising Tides One of the most prominent reasons for the housing market’s recent cold shower is the speedy increase in interest rates. According to the New York Times, “Since December, mortgage rates have nearly [...]

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