Russia is Staring Down the Barrel of Oil Sanctions

What started in the summer as a pact of Western nations to try to stop the war machine created by Vladimir Putin finally came to fruition this week as the EU came to an agreement about an oil cap. Although it is not yet clear if the sanctions will work, the world is trying to stand up to the bully who continues to invade Ukraine after 10 months of war. […]

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A Heated Travesty of Sports

The world is watching this week as its favorite sport is being scandalized while the World Cup is being played out in Qatar. Amidst a plethora of controversies, from human rights violations to the lack of beer, soccer fans around the globe are wondering how this injustice has come to fruition. And the ramifications of this decision by FIFA will affect soccer for a long time. Money Talks The World Cup is unfolding in Qatar this week amid a sea of controversy. A million fans are expected in the country of Qatar, with billions of other soccer fans watching from home. There are 64 games scheduled to be played, [...]

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Developers Past Decisions Led to Many Homes Washing Away with Hurricane Ian

As unpredictable as hurricanes are, there is often no telling what will happen when they make landfall. Hurricane Ian recently proved this adage when it washed away roads and bridges, leaving utter destruction in its path when it came to shore last Wednesday. And a bad situation was made worse by the greed of past developers who built a plethora of houses right where the storm surge should have flowed. Raging Winds and Wild Water When Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida last Wednesday as a powerful Category 4 storm, homes and businesses were decimated, and roads and bridges were also damaged by the powerful winds and water. There is [...]

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