Embracing Cultural Diversity in the City of Beachwood

Beachwood, a small city located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, has become a hub of cultural diversity and acceptance. The city has a rich history that has influenced its cultural scene, making it one of the most diverse cities in Ohio. A walk in Beachwood reveals an array of ethnic restaurants, art galleries, museums, cultural centers, and festivals that showcase the city's unique cultural heritage. Beachwood's cultural diversity is what makes it stand out. The various cultures come together to create one truly unique city. Beachwood's cultural diversity can be traced back to its rich history. The arrival of settlers from all over the world led to a melting pot of [...]

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Adnan Zai Explains the Benefits of Having Family Pets

As children go back to school and the seasons begin to morph from summer to fall, we sat down with Adnan Zai, Advisor to Berkeley Capital Beachwood, to talk about an element of child success that many people may not have thought about before: owning a family pet. Although many people agree that it is nice to own a cuddly playful pet, not everyone realizes the myriad benefits for young people. From better health, improved social skills, and a healthy dose of empathy, owning a family pet is a powerful choice to help children grow up. Mary Kraven: As schools are back in session, the BBC reports that a longitudinal [...]

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Adnan Zai Shares the Impact of Interest Rates on Cleveland

Adnan Zai, Advisor to Berkeley Capital Beachwood, lives and works in Beachwood, and the economics of the surrounding Cleveland area are of extreme importance to him. He has watched with keen interest the effect that the pandemic and recovery has had on the area, and recently sat down to talk to us about how Cleveland is stacking up to the nation in terms of economic recovery. Mary Kraven: It is no surprise that the economy has been on a roller coaster ride for the past few years. On July 26, 2023, the Federal Reserve announced yet another quarter-point hike. With the most recent hike, rates in the U.S. have increased [...]

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The Top Cutting-Edge Technologies in Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, with cybercriminals becoming more sophisticated by the day. Small businesses are prime targets for these sophisticated cyberattacks. They often lack the resources to implement effective cybersecurity measures. However, advancements in cutting-edge technologies have made it possible for even small businesses to protect themselves from cyber threats. Below are five cutting-edge technologies that small businesses around the world can use to safeguard their business.   Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) SIEM is a software solution that collects and analyses security-related data from multiple sources. By aggregating information from different parts of your network, SIEM helps you detect and prevent cyber-attacks on your business. With [...]

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Protecting Your Investment: Cybersecurity for Small Investment Funds

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, cybersecurity has become a pressing issue for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, including investment funds, are often seen as easy targets for cybercriminals who assume they have less robust security measures in place. However, the consequences of a cyber-attack can be just as devastating for a small investment fund as they would be for a larger firm. That’s why it’s essential to take cybersecurity seriously and implement measures to protect your business. Assess Your Risks The first step in any cybersecurity plan is to assess the risks your investment fund could face. This includes identifying sensitive information, such as account details [...]

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The New $3.4MM Playground in Beachwood

Beachwood is buzzing at the news of the new proposed playground that is set to be built next to the Beachwood Family Aquatic Center on Fairmount Boulevard, with a price tag over $3MM. For a community that prides itself on being a great place for families to live, the lofty price tag has many in the town left with concerns. Proponents of the park feel that all kids deserve a safe place to play, and this can really be a selling point for a city and drive the property values up, while creating a tight knit sense of community. But not everyone is happy about the proposed project, and opponents [...]

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Employment Challenges

The ups and downs of the economic world are certainly affecting everyone, and the news seems to be a mixed bag of good news and bad. Experts are predicting, however, that the country is headed toward a recession, with the tech world falling hardest of all. There has not been a white-collar recession since the early 1990’s, but it certainly seems to be looming now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssOpixF27c0 Tricky World of Tech Topples The economy and indeed the world have been on a roller coaster ride for the last several years, and the average person is just waiting for the ride to come to an end so they can get back [...]

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Rules to Live By in 2023

Although 2022 might not have been the best year yet, January brings a clean slate and the ability for each of us to make a fresh start. If you are striving to do better in business, then you need some guiding principles to follow. The ideas in Ray Dalio’s book Principles: Life and Work have been tested in the furnace of life, and are a good place to start. Life Lessons for Better Business Although the name Ray Dalio may not be as well-known in the business world as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, he is an entrepreneur that has made a big impact. As the founder, co-chairman, and co-chief [...]

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2023: A New Year with Many of the Same Headlines

Each year wants to usher itself in, pristine and new and filled with high expectations. But unfortunately for 2023, it seems as though the new year will hold much of the same as the old year. No one would say that 2022 has been easy, and many of the problems such as climate woes and the war in Ukraine continue to persist. With that in mind, expectations for 2023 are not very rose-colored. War Keeps on Ticking One thing that has been a constant for most of 2022 is the war in Ukraine. Most experts predict that by the end of 2023, the war in Ukraine will still be in [...]

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2022: The Clouds Still Loom Overhead

Although nearly three years after the pandemic wreaked havoc around the globe, the virus and its ramifications are still with us. Add to that seemingly endless violence, climate crises, and war in Ukraine, and the year has felt a bit bleak. Uncertainty about the future still reigns, as the average citizen just wants to hold on for brighter days. The Ever-Changing Virus Two sub variants of Omicron have been running rampant since the start of 2022: BA.4 and BA.5. A new booster called the bivalent booster has been developed to protect against these variants and the original COVID strain, and is recommended for everyone over 6 months old. However, this [...]

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