Lakefront Progress: A Gem in the Making

Cleveland’s lakefront transformation is a game-changer. Spearheaded by Mayor Justin Bibb, this initiative is more than just a facelift; it’s a renaissance. The plans around North Coast Harbor, including the Browns Stadium and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame expansion, are poised to redefine our lakefront. The collaboration with various agencies for funding and environmental permits speaks volumes about our collective commitment to rejuvenating our beloved Lake Erie access. This is a project that promises to blend the city’s rich history with a vision for a vibrant future.

Riverfront Revitalization: A Flow of Opportunities

The Cuyahoga River waterfront is witnessing a historic transformation. The Irishtown Bend Park and the housing developments on Scranton Peninsula are pivotal in revitalizing this area. Although there’s some uncertainty with Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s plans, the prospect of new residential projects is exciting. Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock Real Estate plans near Tower City Center, especially the Cavs practice facility and Cleveland Clinic Global Peak Performance Center, are set to add a new dynamic to the riverfront. This is not just development; it’s a legacy in the making.

Justice Center Transformation: A New Chapter

The plans for the Justice Center are ambitious, and rightfully so. The funding secured through the extended sales tax is a testament to our community’s commitment to progress. This project isn’t just about a building; it’s about shaping the heart of Downtown Cleveland. The transformation, including a new or renovated courthouse and jail relocation, will create a ripple effect, enhancing the city’s landscape. The potential expansion of the convention center and a new hotel are particularly intriguing, hinting at a future teeming with possibilities.

Sherwin-Williams’ Growth: Painting a Brighter Future

The development of Sherwin-Williams’ new headquarters is a bold statement of growth. Their expansion plans, potentially including a second tower, reflect the company’s confidence in Cleveland. This isn’t just about office spaces; it’s about creating a hub that attracts talent and innovation. The growth since their HQ announcement is a clear indicator of the company’s robust trajectory, and their potential plans for an HQ2 by the end of 2024 are eagerly anticipated.

CSU’s Arena and Rhodes Tower Redevelopment: Pioneering Progress

Cleveland State University’s plans for a new arena and the redevelopment of Rhodes Tower are transformative. These projects are not just about buildings; they’re about creating spaces that inspire and foster community. The addition of the arena and the conversion of Rhodes Tower into student housing will invigorate the Campus District, making it a hub of activity and innovation.

A Diverse Downtown: Paving the Way for a Dynamic Future

The development projects in Downtown Cleveland, like the Centennial at 925 Euclid Ave. and The Rockefeller Building, are crucial in shaping a diverse and dynamic urban core. These projects, while complex, symbolize our city’s resilience and adaptability. The potential for new high-rises and the redevelopment of Progressive Field are exciting prospects that will further elevate Downtown’s stature.


In conclusion, Cleveland’s 2024 development projects are more than just construction; they’re a mosaic of progress, innovation, and community spirit. These projects reflect our city’s resilience, vision, and commitment to a future that honors our past while boldly stepping into tomorrow. Cleveland is not just evolving; it’s thriving.