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I like to spend my time giving back with organizations that focus on mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. I have supported after school programs that focus on entrepreneurial and global initiatives in local primary schools. I recently extended my mentoring to include students at Case Western Reserve University.

Leading From a Place of Diversity

The question of immigrants is alive and well in the United States, and the issue as well as the immigrants themselves have been turned into a pawn. In other countries, the idea of immigrants is not quite so polarizing, and leadership roles as well as wealth have gone to people who were not born natively in a particular land. Considering the impact of immigrants’ families through subsequent generations is also an important consideration to make when thinking about immigrants entering new countries. […]

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Making History One Business at a Time

With a worldwide scope and growing by the day, Amazon is adding industries to its fold seemingly each and every day. The latest adventure is building its own fleet of aircraft so that they can ship their own goods around the world. This technique will help them grow their own company, but also add jobs throughout the world. Building a Fleet Work hard. Have fun. Make history. Amazon is doing all of that and more. What started as a fledgling online bookstore in 1995 is now billed as an “everything store” where people can shop from the comfort of their couches and find anything they need. The impact of Amazon [...]

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The Tipping Point Has Been Reached

With the turbulent nature of oil production on any given day, the news just got a little worse when dealing with this sticky situation. In an unstable world dealing with an unstable product, OPEC+’s decision to stop oil production last week is likely to make a bad situation worse. And for consumers who are already bone-tired by the high cost of living and the uncertainty of the world, this news is anything but good. Over the Falls in a Barrel Last week, OPEC+ decided to cut production of oil by the largest amount since the pandemic began, and the International Energy Agency has warned that this could tip the scales [...]

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The Beginning of the End?

The streets of Iran are teeming with protestors as a worried world watches from the sidelines. With the clash of young people who hold strong convictions coupled with the fierce old-boy Iranian regime, the bloodied streets of Iran are becoming a graveyard. But the protests continue as the citizens stand up for themselves. A country that is so dear to me because I was born there, has yet again made the headlines for the wrong reasons. […]

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Developers Past Decisions Led to Many Homes Washing Away with Hurricane Ian

As unpredictable as hurricanes are, there is often no telling what will happen when they make landfall. Hurricane Ian recently proved this adage when it washed away roads and bridges, leaving utter destruction in its path when it came to shore last Wednesday. And a bad situation was made worse by the greed of past developers who built a plethora of houses right where the storm surge should have flowed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nXWK3dZm7M&feature=youtu.be Raging Winds and Wild Water When Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida last Wednesday as a powerful Category 4 storm, homes and businesses were decimated, and roads and bridges were also damaged by the powerful winds and water. There is [...]

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21st Century Fascism?

The big news out of Italy is that the country has elected Giorgia Meloni, a member of Fratelli d’Italia, to be the first female prime minister in Italy’s history. The first right-wing leader since Benito Mussolini came to power one hundred years ago, Meloni is poised to change the more liberal policies that have been part of the country since that time. […]

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The Continuation of Gender Disparity in Sports

For one of the most popular pastimes on the planet, the soccer world sure has their priorities messed up. Women soccer players around the globe continue to be paid a paltry sum when compared with their male counterparts. It is time to right this wrong and catch up with the times. Women deserve equal pay for the same job. The Sky’s the Limit for Men When it comes to the way the men are paid who play the most popular sport in the world, it seems like the sky’s the limit. Currently, the highest paid male soccer player is Kylian Mbappe, who is set to earn $63MM per year, or [...]

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Seven Decades as Head of the British Empire

The world is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who ended her 70 years as the British monarch with her death last week. The world has changed drastically since her ascension to the throne at the age of 25, and the influence she has had over leaders near and far will ripple long after her death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zKYSzfkaFs A Storied Past with Storied Beginnings Queen Elizabeth II, born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary and known as Lilibet, was third in line to the throne at her birth, never knowing that a scandalous royal love affair would alter her life so dramatically when her uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry [...]

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Goodnight Mr. Gorbachev: The Soviet Union Falls Again

Most of the news coming out of Russia recently has dealt with Putin’s war on Ukraine and the sanctions and ramifications of those actions. But early last week one of the greats fell when Mikhail Gorbachev succumbed to an unnamed protracted illness and died at the age of 91. He leaves a legacy that will outlast his name, as he was at the helm when the Soviet Union dissolved. […]

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The Runaway Inflation Train Continues

If you feel like you are on a runaway train with no end in sight when it comes to the rising cost of goods and services, then you are not alone. Prices have skyrocketed for a wide variety of reasons, including supply chain woes, war in Ukraine, drought, and other natural disasters. The Federal Reserve is doing what it can to stop the hurtling train, but raising the interest rates takes its own toll. Word on the street is it will get worse before it gets better. Speeding Towards Economic Turmoil Every time the Federal Reserve tries to fight inflation, they raise the interest rates, hoping that they can stabilize [...]

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