Employment Challenges

The ups and downs of the economic world are certainly affecting everyone, and the news seems to be a mixed bag of good news and bad. Experts are predicting, however, that the country is headed toward a recession, with the tech world falling hardest of all. There has not been a white-collar recession since the early 1990’s, but it certainly seems to be looming now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssOpixF27c0 Tricky World of Tech Topples The economy and indeed the world have been on a roller coaster ride for the last several years, and the average person is just waiting for the ride to come to an end so they can get back [...]

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Entrepreneurial Energy Buoys Business

When Covid-19 crashed into the shores of the United States in early 2020, it brought with it a slew of entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on the different needs of people who were stuck inside in order to squelch the pandemic. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 4.3 million new business applications in 2020, almost 1 million more than the previous year. But startups are not the only place where entrepreneurs can shine. In the regular daily grind of business, an entrepreneurial mindset can make or break an existing business. It’s Not Just for Startups Anymore The skills that make entrepreneurs tick are necessary for success and [...]

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Gen Z Makes Waves

Clearly the labor market is still upended. The chaos and disarray that started in the pandemic lockdown has not yet gone back to business as usual, and there are many categorical reasons for this. There is definitely a lack of workers and a different attitude about work permeating the air lately. Some people who got a taste of remote work in the pandemic want more of it, and other workers are seeking a better work/life balance.  These changes have certainly turned “business as usual” to “catch as catch can,” and many customers are feeling the ramifications of that. Where Have All the Capitalists Gone? For Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, [...]

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